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A leader in commercial real estate in Quebec City, Debertin Real Estate offers a service tailored to the current environment and customized to meet our clients’ needs.

We guarantee proven methods, expertise and a high level of creativity in the fields of real estate brokerage, development, asset and property management of commercial, office and industrial properties.



With more than a million square feet of commercial property developed in recent decades, the Debertin real estate agency has proudly supported its clients since 1983.

The company was founded by three ambitious professionals who have combined their strengths and complementary expertise to make a name for themselves in the world of commercial real estate. Now with an equally ambitious new generation at the helm, the company continues to provide its services with expertise and creativity, while respecting the company’s values that have ensured the success of so many projects over the years.



Created together with Industrielle Alliance 30 years ago, the Rue du Campanile is now home to around thirty retailers in a development of over one million square feet. This projet has boosted economic development in Pointe-de-Sainte-Foy, allowing many local businesses to thrive.



Place Iberville is a 4-building complex, 5 to 7 stories high, with a square footage of 453 455 ft2. This project was carried out with the support of the former Mayor Boucher to meet the growing office needs at the time.

Debertin was a pioneer in the development of the Sainte-Foy sector, leading professionals to set up their practices in this part of Québec. The key challenge of this project was to develop the commercial potential of Sainte-Foy. Some of these businesses remain to this day, operating flourishing businesses in these buildings.


Beginning of Lebourgneuf

The partners acquired 700 000 square feet in 1985 to create offices and retail space in the Mesnil area. This acquisition was a visionary acquisition for the Debertin Group, as they foresaw this sector’s industry potential, which was almost non-existent at the time.

Historically, the owners wanted to conserve maximum green space to foster neighbourhood life; in the past and to this day, the philosophy for Espace Lebourgneuf centres around livability.

The first phase was built in 1990 with the 1165, and the four other addresses followed to fill in the other phases of Espace Lebourgneuf.



With an easy-to-access location and an integrated architectural style, the Polyclinique Lebourgneuf was built in 1999, and was one of the first developments to specialize in private commercial medical care. Today, this vast commercial space near the centre of Les Rivières still serves the community with many health-related services.


Place Telus

The Debertin Group, in collaboration with the real estate fund (FTQ) and the architectural firm ABCP, co-produced the projet of Canada Post’s recycling centre located in the old port of Quebec. Place Telus is an important project for the Debertin Group: the project won the recycling prize of the architectural organization of Quebec City in 2010-2011, and the construction is also classified as an AAA office building.

Telus Place is a model in sustainable development with the Silver LEED (core and shell) certification. As such, this office building is a unique construction of its type (building recycling, plenty of natural light, energy optimization, electric vehicle charging stations, high-reflectance roofing, materials without contaminants) in Québec. We are proud to have been a part of repositioning Saint-Paul Street by restoring a 1960 building.


Espace De Bourgogne

Originally used for retail space, the 1999 building located on the corner of Duplessis Highway and Chemin des Quatre Bourgeois was rebuilt in 2015 to become the Espace de Bourgogne. Debertin carried out this project recognized for its design, environmental compliance, energy efficiency and comfortable work environment.

The approach behind the Espace de Bourgogne revolved around creativity, human capital, the environmental footprint and its life cycle, with an emphasis on durability. Historically, it served as the head office of Debertin Group; today, this building houses the headquarters of the CSD, the offices of the Elections Officer of Québec, and the Caisse Desjardins de Sainte-Foy.


Lebourgneuf phase III

With the construction of our most recent phase of Espace Lebourgneuf, number 1135, occupied entirely by the WSP engineering firm, we have solidified our visibility on Boulevard Lebourgneuf and ensured there are enough parking spaces available for all current tenants, in addition to preparing for the future development on our other land.

Debertin will continue to create privileged business opportunities in the Québec City area and ensure high-end constructions, particularly with the future industrial and office project on Blizzard Street.


Pierre Deschesnes - President

Pierre Deschesnes


Hugo Deschesnes - General Manager

Hugo Deschesnes

General Manager

Jean-Sébastien Roussy - Director of leasing

Jean-Sébastien Roussy

Director of leasing

Isabelle Côté - Property manager

Isabelle Côté

Property manager

Paule Dussault - Administrative assistant

Paule Dussault

Administrative assistant

Arianne Goyette Grenier - Property manager

Arianne Goyette Grenier

Property manager

Charles Porter - Controller, CPA

Charles Porter

Controller, CPA

Yann Deschesnes - Architect collaborator

Yann Deschesnes

Architect collaborator