Brokerage & Transaction

Every organization has space requirement that are unique. A business’ real estate will have a lasting impact on its culture, brand and operations.

Explore the ways we help our clients find and negotiate the perfect space for their business:

Tenant representation
Negotiate a new lease, or renew an existing one, that sets you up for success.

Identify ways to optimizing your real estate to reduce costs or increase productivity: expansion or contraction for leased premises, lease renegotiation or reorganization of workspace.

Too much space? Lease empty workstations and under utilized space to reduce your costs.

Acquisition & Disposition

Uncover new investment opportunities. We explore the market for you using our network and creativity to target investment opportunities that best match your criteria.

Find out how we help our clients achieve their investment goals:

Explore both on- and off-market properties and portfolios and benefit from full support in carrying out your acquisitions.

Get the best results on your next property sale thanks to knowledgeable and tailored guidance, a creative marketing strategy, a rigorous process and privileged access to our network of professionals.

Real Estate Development

Bring your vision to life with our full-service project & development management for commercial real estate projects. Our approach brings value to each opportunity and creates the highest return on investment for our partners and clients.

Find out how we help our partners and clients to maximize their investment:

  • Site selection and feasibility analysis
  • Due diligence and acquisition process
  • Design and review of plans
  • Development, analysis and monitoring of budgets
  • Project scope documents and RFPs
  • Procurement of consultants and contractors
  • Development approvals and permitting
  • Rigorous project schedule monitoring

Property Management

Always demand more from your real estate assets. Our management solutions go beyond present needs, they are based on flexibility and a long-term vision.

Find out about our commitments to each partner and client for any mandate:

  • Responsiveness to owners and tenants
  • Increased tenant satisfaction, comfort and safety
  • Leasing momentum and above-market average rents
  • Proactive lease management
  • Thorough and accurate reporting
  • Optimized operational and capital costs
  • Maximize property resiliency